Integrating S/4HANA Utilities with SAP Emarsys: Part I – Introduction

This is a documentation of my attempt to replicate utility relevant data from S/4 to Emarsys, using the standard delivered API’s build for SAP Marketing Cloud.

This should not be considered a production ready setup – not even close, but a documentation of my own learning process.

The process build is illustrated in the below diagram:

The utility relevant data is loaded to the RDS database in Emarsys, this is the option for having a relational database directly linked to Emarsys. This provides the option of using the data for things like segmentation and including data in emails triggered by Emarsys

This document will cover some of the basics and assumptions. Later documents will cover the actual steps of setting up the integration.

The starting point for this test is:

  • There is already a data base defined in Emarsys to receive data.
  • The SAP Integration Suite (CPI) is already configured and integrated with S/4.

What I will cover is:

  • Configuration in S/4 to trigger the replication of data. I will use the service build for SAP Marketing Cloud that replicate Premise relevant data.
  • Building the IFlow that connect S/4 with Emarsys

I will add a lot of screenshots, since I plan to use this document to remember what I did. If you do not like screenshots, this is not a blog for you to read.